We are a multi-disciplinary artist-led initiative, formed in early 2011 based in London, engaging with recent graduates, emerging artists & those wishing to re-connect with their practice after a significant period of time, providing a collaborative & supportive environment with respect for individual practice, aspirations and development.

Committed to shared-learning, knowledge exchange and alternative methods for art production: We promote co-operative practice, encapsulating the common values of self-help, shared responsibility, democracy and equality within a creative & supportive community.


We have recently completed our research into setting up artist-run spaces in the borough of Westminster. Commissioned by Emerge with the support of Westminster Council we presented our research at the Community Contexts: Setting Up Artist Run Spaces event at The Showroom Gallery, London in April

Following this we produced LIVE, LEARN, WORK, CREATE: The group+work guide to setting up artist-run spaces comprised of a booklet & 2 podcasts.

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Podcast 1: On Co-operatives
Podcast 2: Artists and regeneration
(Audio produced by David Ashley Pearson)

Practice Development

Driving what we do is our professional development network with a focus on peer-to-peer critical discussion and feedback on our practices and projects, as well as adopting a very playful & experimental approach to content and format, which everyone will have the opportunity to inform.

We feel this is important as it provides a community for artists after graduation, opens up possibilities for collaboration and new project ideas and group support through sharing and exchanging our knowledge, skills and experiences.

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved: we are always on the lookout for a semi-permanent space, whether that be a commercial shop front or disused space, so that we can effectively build a community, sustain ourselves and deliver a coherent arts programme. We are particularly interested in the Soho, Church street, Central and Greater London areas, but we are open to alternatives.

If you own or manage an available shop fronted space or have details about a project we would be interested in, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!



It is increasingly difficult for arts graduates to get opportunities and arts-related employment, whilst the demands of living in London means it becomes almost impossible to find the space, time and resources to continue our practices. How can we maintain independance from the economic system in these conditions? What kind of art world do we want to participate in? And are there alternatives to the art-market and the dominant paradigm?

Further reading: Con-Demmed to the Bleakest of Futures: Report from the UK by Claire Bishop on e-flux.com. Read here

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